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ps. I started a 365 day challenge (here) forever and a day ago and hopefully one day I'll get back to it because that would be fun and pretty cool :).
update: #3 has never been a problem lol but who knows...maybe one day it will be


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

YAY SINCE no one puts numbers in my inbox on tumblr... I'm coming here to answer the questions because I feel like it :))))))

1. Full name. ---- lol. Call Me Kitty. ;) as always... or Kitty Ana Kelsey
2. Zodiac sign. ---- Virgoo
3. 3 Fears. ---- falling from heights, death, sometimes losing people that I love
4. 3 things I love. ----- my group of friends, my boyfriend, my family
5. My best friend. ---- ...don't have ONE. But one of them...: Bisael
6. Last song I listened to. ---- Ummm... Idk really... Call Me Maybe was one of the last ones
7. 4 Turn ons. ---- Idk if this is exactly what the question meant... but... 4 things I am attracted to in people (especially guys?) when hee holds my hand, when hee hugs me, his sense of humor, him being super sweet (kind of romantic, I guess?)
8. 4 Turn offs. ---- When people lie (especially straight to your face), When people don't care enough to be mindful of what's around them and they hurt people (especially who are supposed to be their best friends) even though they know (I mean, they would if they thought) that what they're doing is hurting their friends, WHEN YOU ARE MEAN TO MY BROTHER, Cussing...especially the really bad stuff like calling people a "whore" or the f-word. 
9. What colour underwear I'm wearing right now. ---- LOL one sec... XP ..oh...wait... I'm not wearing underwear. yeah, I'm wearing a bathing suit. It's blue and white and black. Swim team.
10. How many tattoos/piercings I have. ---- none, sadly. I keep missing all my breaks during which I would be able to get my ears pierced RAWR.
11. The reason why I joined Tumblr. ---- I found it and it looked cool and idk how I found it. I go crazy about blogs, as you all may know...
12. How I feel right now. ---- Content. :))
13. Something I really, really want. ---- A text from my boyfriend...
14. My current relationship status. ---- taken by a wonderful boy ;) could you tell? (DAYS LATER: BUT IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU COULD TEXT ME, YA KNOW?? OK THANKS BYE.
15. Meaning behind my URL. ---- Well, this was made in, what?, sixth grade? Maybe seventh? Yuppperz pupperz.. and, well, I had been talking recently with supercrazygamegeek about how he "wasn't abnormal; [he] was abnormality" lol... and so when I discovered this place (yay!) I decided it would be a compilation of TOTAL randomness that came and went from my mind. Whatever the heck I wanted. Perfect outlet for the colorful, random, hyper mind of a middle schooler. Man, middle schoolers are crazy lol. ^_^
16. My favourite movie(s). ---- Allll the Harry Potter ones...
17. My favourite song(s). ---- Drops of Jupiter by Train, Skyscraper by Demi Lovato
18. My favourite band(s). ---- We Are Augustines, We The Kings, Carolina Liar, Train, others...
19. 3 Things that upset me. ---- When people are completely rude and mean to others for no reason, especially when it's so easy for them on the internet and stuff., when anyone (even other friends) are mean or mindlessly mean to my friends, when I'm alone with my mind for too long and I convince myself of things that are negative and get confused and can't figure anything out.
20. 3 Things that make me happy. ---- my friends (without fail, lol), my boyfriend, Puppy
21. What I find attractive in other people. ---- personality, respective of others, has manners (verry impressive), when they can be serious, eyes, guys being tall lol but they don't have to be..., a sense of humor, not too perverted, gives hugs, doesn't care too much about what other people thinks but is still a nice person, that's not all...but cool. good enough for an answer, I suppose.
22. Someone I miss. ---- lol. again. I know... but, my boyfriend.
23. Someone I love. ---- sammmmmeeeeee^^^^^^^^^^.... ^_^ Or Bisael. loads of people, really. :))
24. My relationship with my parents. ---- Fantasmagical :)) It's really really good. I feel truly blessed.
25. My favourite holiday. ---- :D uhmm... Christmas
26. My closest Tumblr friend. ---- uhhh vengefulhearts ;)
27. Someone from Tumblr that I'd date. --- no one, really... but if I was a dude, any of those girls who feel down on themselves a lot. :/ Because they're really beautiful and deserve to feel meaningful.
28. A confession. ---- I go for days without showering sometimes. Ew. Okay. That's not that bad. I mean, there are worse things out there. Oooh I know. Last year at swim, I often was verrryy uncomfortable because I had to walk around the pool barefoot and swim while also trying to hide the fact that I was missing a few layers of skin off my heels and big toes where I had peeled them off.
29. 3 Things that annoy me easily. ---- my brother, myself, my friends when I'm cranky
30. My favourite animal(s). ---- cats and dogs.
31. My pets. ----- Hook: my black labrador retriever. Itsy-Bitsy: my tuxedo kitty. Smudge: my black kitty. Puppy: the stray corgi puppy that came to our house and I think WE MIGHT ACTUALLY KEEP HER *HAPPY DANCE* I WIN.
32. One thing I've lied about. ---- what I'm doing on the computer
33. Something that's currently worrying me. ---- the fact that these people actually might have pushed this newlywed groom off the edge of his honeymoon cruise... rawr :'''(((((
34. An embarrassing moment. ----- The last week of school when I walked in on four fine arts people in a meeting in my piano teacher's room to get my track bag. I just opened the door and walked in goshdarnit I couldn't just leave without the bag. -////_////-
35. Where I work. ---- MWAHAHA no where.
36. Something that's constantly on my mind. ---- my boyfriend? ehhh...not allll the time... but a lot of it... kind of, I mean... oh, idk. Nothing, really.. Nothing stays ALWAYS.
37. 3 Habits I have. ---- picking the skin around my fingers and toes and on my heels, tumblr, staying up really late on the internettt.....
38. My future goals. ---- to do well in school and get into a good college. I'd like to go to Susquehana. I'd love to publish my writing. And also to go into something that has to do with veterinary work or psychology.
39. Something I fantasise about. ---- being with my boyfriend.... , um, I haven't visited my Harry Potter dream world in a while lol :D loved that place, SINGING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE YES
40. My favourite store(s): Forever 21, Target/Wal-Mart, Delia's, ... the whoolllleee malll....
41. My favourite food(s): chocolate, ice cream, chicken (nuggets, tenders lol)
42. What I did yesterday.: Stayed at home and watched, like, 5 movies on Style Channel. Also, Giuliana and Bill on that channel... ummm... not much. watched a lot of TV, movies, uhhh oh yeah! I went shopping for groceries and makeup and nail polish with my mom :)
43. Something I'm talented at.: singing :DD, giving advice...
44. My idea of a perfect date.: Uhmm... anything, as long as I'm with him? Alone is niceee :)), I think it'd be cool to watch a movie with him.. :)) OMG AN OUTSIDE MOVIE. LOL that'd be soo cool :D lol
45. My celebrity crush(es).: umm... Zac Galifianki---JK JK JK JK JK. Seriously, no, but I love him. he's hilarious. Tbh, ... Taylor Lautner, ... umm...idk I haven't paid attention to celebs in a while. Yup. Taylor Lautner. always lol <3
46. A photo of myself... --- lol no sorry ;)
47. My favourite blog(s) ---- Idk on here... sorry...ummm... on tumblr: coolcutestylish, vengefulhearts, maidofpasta, annnd... overdose-of-sweetness, some others :))
48. Number of kids I want. --- two or three?
49. Do I smoke/drink. ----- lol no. I have much better things to do. :D
50. Any question you'd like. ---- n/a man I'm hungry bye :) yay ice cream

Monday, May 28, 2012

Watching Aladdin...ABC Fam...

The saddest part of the whole freaking movie is when Genie watches the tower that Jafar puts Aladdin in go up in the sky. It's so depressing. He's just sitting there, I can't do a fricking thing and there he goes and he's gone forever.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Okay soooo I juuusst finished geometry. I didn't die or anything. (yay!)
With, like, 45 minutes left I realized that "L" and "l" are not the same thing and that there is an equation to find "L" on my helper sheet and "l" is included in that equation and that is the difference!
And so I had to go back and fix everything. I got to the second to last page and there was just under an hour left. And I had just zoned out, picked off all the purple nail polish I had on... And thought about two different movies in length.

I. Zoned. Out. So. Much. During. That. Test. Oh. My. Gosh.

I thought about (guesstimation)2 movies, 1 TV show, 1 song, and 3 people during that test. That probably adds up to about 30ish minutes of thinking about NOT-MATH.
I think I did that last time too.
And i STILL finished 15 minutes early.

No point in checking over it all. I wasn't going to comprehend my answers anymore than I already had.

So now.... Two Exams, Three Periods down & Three Exams, Four Periods to go.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Magpie #117

Picture here.

A meal takes place
An empty space
Sitting in a bowl
Sotting and rotting and ceramically whole.
The fruit lays just behind.
Out of reach, not out of mind, for those who care to dare to sit
At this meal
And then,
Comes the decision
"the sun goes down
the stars go out"

Reach for the fruit, unforbidden,
Though still daunting
Simply, inexplicably because there's a choice
And there never was one before,
Just maybe,
Our "universe will never be the same"
Or we could just leave and wait
For someone to decide instead
Or to place it within a reaching point.

Magpie Tales

La. La. La. Poema.

Here's the structure-y and partial explanation one. The just there one is here.

"The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want..."

Shit! I'm supposed to be at Chamber Singers practice.

"He maketh me lie down in green pastures..."

I can't believe I forgot!

"He leadeth me besideth still waters.."

It started a whole freaking hour ago.

"He restoreth my soul..."

I hope they don't get mad at me.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..."

Okay, I'm not worried about the teachers. But what if I get in trouble with my student leader?

"I will fear no evil..."

That would be an awful way to start out the year. I can't believe I forgot. I'm so stupid.

"For thou art with me..."

But maybe they'll cut me some slack since its only my first practice.

"Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me..."

And I'm only a freshman.

------ [Part 2]

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies..."

Oh, but the best conversations with a friend are the ones during which you tell your most personal ways of being. And the ones you can't figure out by yourself, you figure out together.

"Thou anointest my head with oil..."

Because the best thing I want for you is for you to be truly happy and truly you.

"My cup overfloweth..."

However, do remember that you can never do anything to be any more you.

"Surely goodness and mercy will follow me..."

I have to tell you that tomorrow.

"All the days of my life..."

I guess I don't have to, but I want to some day soon.

------ [End of Part One and Two]

"And I will live in the house of the Lord forever."

And we'll all be okay, you know.