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ps. I started a 365 day challenge (here) forever and a day ago and hopefully one day I'll get back to it because that would be fun and pretty cool :).
update: #3 has never been a problem lol but who knows...maybe one day it will be


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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My favorite character in "Jessie" is definitely Luke.

Is he not adorable????????

LOL this sounds bad, but I kind of feel like a mild version of a cougar-lady. -_-

^_^ But he's so cuuute!! I mean, look at him!

He may be 12, and I may be in high school, but he definitely has a sort of charm about him. You definitely wouldn't catch me dating him but I wouldn't say no to a picture and an autograph. ^_^

Hopefully Cameron won't break my heart and do something stupid and mess up his life/career when he gets older. That would suck. Such a good thing to waste. 

It's really funny when he hits on Jessie too hahaaha.

So why don't you go watch "Jessie" on Disney Channel?

Cuz.... "Do you know what works better than kindness? A hammer!"

It's not just Cameron/Luke who is funny. Every else is hilarious. 

Also... I'm very excited about the new Disney Channel, "Austin & Ally". It's funny too!!!! I love Disney Channel! Best channel ever!

One thing that Disney Channel is good at is picking cute guys. 
But at least Ross Lynch (Austin in "Austin & Ally") is closer to my age. 

And another thing they're even better at [Disney Channel, I mean] is being absolutely wonderful at plots annnnddddd BEING EXTREMELY FUNNY!!!!

I love that they have these new shows. Ending "Hannah Montana" and adding these two shows is one of the best things that has happened to Disney Channel in a long long long-ish time. 

Not that it IS the ABSOLUTE best thing. Because it's not.

And now, especially after voting for that "JaNEWary" stuff....I TOTALLY MISS HANNAH MONTANA!!!

But....whatever...it'll be okays... :)))

I don't miss it that much. It just provides a lot of nostalgia. ... ^_^

And it's really sweet. And I hope she wins the "AWW" award!!!

That would be wonderful and absolutely brilliant! Well, I have to go to sleep. Here's a pic of Austin from  "Austin & Ally"::



Hannah Montana: "AWW" award

Wizards of Waverly Place: "BF4L" award & "DANCE" award

Suite Life Movie: "BROMANCE" award

Sharpay: "FASHIONISTA" award

Phineas and Ferb: "GRRRR" award

Lemonade Mouth: "IT TUNES" award

So Random: "LOL" award

Good Luck Charlie: "OMG" award

Jessie: "UMM, AWKWARD" award

Idk if they're really awards...but we vote and they are announced! Perfecta! :)))

...PPS... But now I'm really worried and upset that there won't be anymore Wizards of Waverly Place (well I know there won't be. WAAAHHHH!!!!!) or Suite Life Movie (I know they are on that one too. WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!)

Wellsh I need to go to sleepybye... ^___^ I have a wedding to go to later today. 
Love ya!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brother Bear - On my way

This song is the song today that has been stuck in my head. Hahahaha the gopher is so cute when he's watching the mammoths go by LOL. Are those mammoths?? I suppose. They're hairy and they look like elephants. This is so hilarious. Now I can watch it whenever I want LOL. <3

12/29/11 • Day 11: the worst advice you've ever heard or been given

Been Given: "Life sucks and then you die."

Ever Heard: Probably anything that the villain told the protagonist on any Disney movie/show. :) i can't think of one right now, but .... I might think of it.

Silly Computerrrr.... :))

Silly Computerrr... I'm not out of battery with 3 hourss.... :)))

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wow. I can never feel like I'm not blessed and don't have enough after filling out this part of a survey.

the life of reality TV (btw: something I DON'T want to be a part of. Maybe a funny sitcom TV series about a girl in a reality show, but nothing real, of course.

I think it's from an episode of The Bachelor. Here's a girl going looking for another girl and the shadow of the always-hovering camera man is on the wall next to her. I guess this was too good of a part of the scene to take it out in regard to not showing the camera guy. I actually like this picture though....it's nice to see the person who records it all.

But, seriously, always having a guy on your dates with a camera? I don't think so. If I went on that show, I sure wouldn't fly with that and I'd either have to be (1) really desperate or (2) looking for fun and a way to slightly bash reality shows even though they are really addicting (one of the reasons I don't watch them).

Okay, thanks, bye!

12/28/11 • Day 10: what you think when you hear the words "be yourself"

you have to work for it sometimes
but, actually, you really don't
but I guess you might have to
it's hard...
...to not succumb to peer pressure sometimes
"People want you, need you, exceed you, take you, play you, rate you, and break you, but that's what makes you." -Anonymous

fashion. how I dress.
what i do exemplifies it more.

And, most importantly:

I can't be anything except be myself. Even if I try to be somebody else, I'm still myself...just trying to be someone else. I can't change me. I'm always me. Even if my habits change, even if I look different, or EVEN if I get a different name. I'm still me. Even if I get different values and my whole perspective on life changes drastically...I'm still me, I've just changed. But no one can take you being you away from you. You being you is not a tangible substance that one can hold for ransom [oh my gosh! i've gotta write story about that! lol], but the system of being, the fact of your soul being in you and around you. The glue that holds you together, but is somehow also simply a part of you. One cannot grab your thoughts and keep them away from you, no? No. They cannot. They cannot grab your soul by its ears and pull it away, can they? No. No one can.
It's the same thing. No one can take you away from you. You either have you, or you don't.

Yes, people can make you crazy so you don't have control over yourself, but that's not my point.

There is a fine line between being crazy like that and simply not having yourself. If you don't have yourself, you're dead.

But no one can make you die by taking you away from yourself. That's only in movies. Really....really fictional movies.

Oh, and this goes for you too, in case you didn't notice. 

12/28/11 • Day 9: things that make you happy

my dad (sometimes--okay, look, everything (usually) can only make me feel happy sometimes!)
my mom
my brother (the sometimes can go with everything fyi)
my granny
"sunshine, daises, butter mellow, turn this stupid, fat rat yellow"
Harry Potter (as character and whole banana bonanza)
playing piano (especially "Listen To Your Heart" by DHT or "Castle On A Cloud" for Les Miserables especially loud)
scarves (that i wear and other people wear.)
oh, and the scarf that I made
and the one i got from El Salvador
El Salvador
Karlita from El Salv
her family
her friends
other people at her school
her school
my friends (here, there, and everywhere)
IDAA (even though I haven't been since last year because we couldn't make it last year)
when my friends say "K---, YOU ARE NOT OBNOXIOUS" and stuff like that (thanks San Cheeto)
my blazer that I got for Christmas! (squee!)
the 3DS that Samuel got (but is still 1/3 mine MWAHAHA)
(oops already mentioned that)
being funny
being funny after I tried to be funny and failed even if I'm not even trying now to be funny but people think I'm funny anyways (it's funny)
most of my classes. most of the time. (actually all of them. But, yeah, most of the time)
A spot less room (haven't seen it in a long time--HAS ANYONE SEEN A SPOTLESS ROOM THAT BELONGS TO ME???!!)
facebook (most of the time.)
videos (most of the time. always ones that i make. I'm cool like that to myself. :))
nail polish (if I can keep from scratching it off)
friends that I haven't seen in forever
my penpal....who lives less than 100 miles away (I think)
(it's at least close to that if not under)
My KITTY!!!! (both of them)(even though they're not mine)(but nobody really likes Itsy round the clock except for me. So in a way, I guess that makes it safe to call her mine. Plus she loves my bed)
making my brother laugh (especially when he's trying really hard not to)
when i do the right thing
scratching something that itches.
a nice hot shower (as long as it doesn't get too hot, i don't get scared that i'm going to run all the hot water out of my house [not that it gets to my room anyways...], or that I'm ruining the ecosystem by using 36+ minutes of hot water that is produced and sent to my house by Cole coal)
a nice bubbly bath!!! (and warm, yes)
fond memories (yes, I just said fond)
FOND.......ue (bet u thought i was just going to say FONDidn'tcha?)
smiling (just remembered to)
makeup (when they don't ruin my life)
(ror what's left of it. *or...I know, I could have changed it, but I thought "ror" looked and sounded cool)
doing well on big tests
my first A!!!!! in biology!!!!!!
being with friends
ice skating
driving (sortaf)
...so yeah, and I can think of so many more but, remember? I've got a life that I've got to get back to outside of this and i have ONE MORE to do tonight!

On My Way - Kristoffer Rahbek (Official Video)

Sharing because he asked his viewers to share and because he's worked really hard. Check it out! <3

My Secrets. By Maeve.

Friday, December 23, 2011

12/24/11 • Day 8: things that make you sad

when people die in movies
when people are sad in movies
Harry Potter^^
when people are mean to my brother
when people are mean for no reason
when my pets die
when someone i loves die
when someone dies who was loved by someone i love
the last Harry Potter movie
leaving El Salvador
when my computer crashed and i lost everything
the thought that i could lose everything again because my backup/time machine won't work
(me) dying (more scared though)
that Twilight (my kitty) isn't here
that Christmas is going to be gone in 48 hours
exams (more stressed, I guess)
that my dad went to rehab....twice
that my dad is so distressed and stressed and depressed
that i lose friends because i can't trust them (not often)
when friends of mine brag :(

WHEN I HURT MY FRIENDS. (this seems to happen especially with boys...in fact, i'm only thinking about boys soo also..)
when i waste my day
when i don't get to bed on time (like now haha)
when people are put to death
To Kill A Mockingbird...when Tom dies
when my mom is really sad
that my granny might die fairly soon
when people are mean for no reason
when parents leave their kids


ps. Well... I'm going to bed now :)
I promise there are plenty more things that make me happy ^_^

Love and Peaches, Chicken Greases:

12/24/11 • Day 7: a show or movie that has changed you, and how

Harry Potter:: Strengthened my belief in the importance of love; has brought me in with a band of extreme fans, made me a little crazy; and given me a dream world that I can always go to, whether or not that's a bad thing.

Switched At Birth:: Made me more interested in learning sign language and helped me learn more about hearing loss and deafness.

a certain move with Tom somebody....the guy who was the main villain in "Despicable Me" (movie).---



Extreme Makeover: Home Edition:: It let me know that hope is always there, there are always good people out there, and it doesn't take much to do something big for somebody else. It's important to take care of the ones you love, and when people do that, they deserve something for the sacrifices they've given. It changed my life because it changed their lives [the people who got the houses]. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

What's happening...

I just had this imaginary mini convo with some people in my Spanish class (going to take exam in a few minutes btw)

So to relay what I said to the real world:

Guys, I'm gonna tell you now, I think I am really going to fail this test.

I got sick on Saturday and that pretty much just blew up my whole weekend.


Yup. Now I elaborate
Couldn't stay focused, didn't study at all on Saturday anyways (maybe that's why I got better)
Who did all this?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Found this awesome quote about POKEMON!!!

IDK where it's from...:((
i forgot to save the URL but here it is:

It's just that, for some reason, we love the cute creatures that will do our bidding. Or something like that.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome To Goodbye

Welcome to the END of the last study hall I will ever have in high school. Goodbye. :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


They are serious about what they do. And what they do, I think they're good at (I don't know very well because I haven't known them for SUPER long except for one and a half of the girls[that works because I've kind of known her from camp for over two years and the other from my youngest childhood] but I know well enough to know that they have bright futures ahead of them in doing what they love). And this is what they love::


A movie. To be made during next summer. I know chances of you randomly giving your money to a random group of people in a random part of the world. ... Well that's probably pretty thin on the ground to be honest--given THIS economy, but it would really mean the WHOLE WORLD TO ME if you spread this EVERYWHERE that you possibly could and reposted and reposted it so that YOUR followers can see it and so their followers can see it...just to see these people who are inclined to make a movie even though theyre young because - what the heck - the age doesn't matter. All that matters is that we live our lives now and follow our dreams today so we can catch them tomorrow. Thank you so much! And maybe someone out there will donate just a few dollars! Thank you thank you soooo much! <3

Love. Peaches. Chicken Greases. Rock on Foozsh. 3WGS. <3333333

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Playlist of the Dayze

Move Along by the All American Rejects
Good Life by OneRepublic
Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris
Brighter Than The Sun by Colbie Callait [[do you know how sweet this girl is?? She wrote this about her FRIEND! <33]]
Here It Goes Again by Ok Go [[will always remind me of Harry Potter ESP behind the scenes <3]]
Hey There Delilah by Plain White Tees

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton

because a "thousand miles seem pretty far but they've got planes and trains and cars. i'd walk to you if i had not other way. our friends will all make fun of us but we'll just laugh along because we know that none of them have felt this way. delilah i can promise you that by the time that we get through the world will never ever be the same. and you're to blame"

Love Love Love,

Last one:  You Make Me Feel  by Cobra STarship :D

Song of the Dayze :)

Move Along by the All-American Rejects

popped in my head a few hours ago and then was on the radio when I turned the radio on a couple (probably more like 3 now) minutes ago. :)

Now Playing: Good Life by OneRepublic



This is because of my reading chapters 25-27 in "To Kill A Mockingbird" and then reading ahead into chapter 28 + my knowledge of approximately the last sentence in the book (or at least the gist of it). And it was just like BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM ... ... OOHHH MYY GOOSSHHH I GET IT!! OH MY GOSH IT'S BOO OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!



And then during the scuffle I kept writing...Jem..Atticus...No, It's Boo! EWELL?

And then "four guys" and oh my gosh Boo has GOT to be around here somewhere.

And oh my gosh he was! And that's what Scout was talking about at the end of the book! Not Atticus, Boo! She was talking about Boo! (or at least that's what I think. I still have two more chapters to go. Aww that makes me so sad. I BETTER GET TO MEET AND TALK TO BOO. I DIDN'T GET TO MEET AND TALK TO TOM I BETTER GET TO MEET AND TALK TO BOO PLEASE PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU.)

Not spoiler(but hopefully if you're looking for that you didn't even come down farther)::
Oh my gosh, I am soooo in love with the Finch family.

I love Jem. I love Atticus. I adore Scout. I absolutely love Boo. And I love the doctor. I also love Dolphous Raymond and Judge Taylor. I love Tom Robinson and I kind of despise Bob Ewell (but feel sorry for him). I feel sorry for Mayella Ewell and hopes she finds the love of her life even though she probably won't.
Oh, and I absolutely ADORE Calpurnia.
And I love Miss Maudie.
I don't like Miss Stephanie, Miss Caroline or the third grade teacher, though.

I wish I could be a part of the Finch family. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents, but if I could be a part of ANY other family in the world, I would want to be a part of the Finch family.
I love Atticus' way of parenting, I love Jem's protection over his sister, and I love Scout's spunkiness.

Take THAT, Aunt Alexandra :): Real girls are meant to be spunky. And what can be better than a real girl when being a real boy was the greatest wish of Pinocchio?

Okay. Annnd I'm starting to actually care for Aunt Alexandra. <3

Stuff concerning recent findings of mine and the challenge

My new favorite doctor (that I don't have): Marc Lamont Hill p.H.D
He's funny and I'd love to have him as a teacher. :)))

Also, I'm putting my challenge on hold for exam week. So I'll see you back looking at that the next time I can/in approximately two weeks! <3

<3. Peaches. Chicken greases. Rock on foozsh. Three words girls...<3

Monday, December 5, 2011

12/2/11 (it's really 12/5/11 hahaha a....whoops) • Day 6(ohmigoshwhatajoke): something you would like to change about yourself.

I would like to stop being affected by Dermatillomania by next year.
(so I can make my chapel talk on it. It'll be scary if I do [make the chapel talk] because of all the judging that will be in people's heads [people like pretty, nice girls and guys who hardly know me but then won't make an effort]).

I would like to smile more


I would like to slouch less.

I am not smiling right now

I am slouching.
So here you go. I've got my work all cut out for me. (that and the fact that I have to catch up on my challenge thing lol)

Oh my gosh it's been four days!! I am sooooooo sorry!

Hey. Raise your hand if you knew this was gonna happen.

Yeah. I see you. The three of you that still maybe have checked this in the last year or so. Maybe four, I guess. :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quote of the Dayze

Be you. If you like it, do it.
                      -Tony Ko of NYX Cosmetics (MyGlam Interview)

12/1/11 (yes. it's actually 12/1/11) • Day 5: something you would change about the world

I'd get rid of war.

Yeah, I would.

I would make world peace.

And I would spread the love that world peace brings to every boy, girl, man, women, and anybody in between. Also to the animals.

But...I wouldn't even have to, would I? It would already be spread. If I could change the world's focal point from "world power" to "world peace" and make World Peace Everywhere.

Love. Peaches. Chicken Greases. Rock on Foozsh. Three Words Girls.

11/30/11 (actually done on 12/1/11. Sorry. I do have homework, you know. But now I get to do TWO at ONCE! YAY!) • Day 4: how you think your life would change if you achieved your dream

If I achieved my dream of becoming a published author (and my ultimate dream of becoming a (at least fairly) well-known published author...well....

*My family would have a larger income
*It would let my mom and dad be less stressed
*Maybe I would have to grow up a little more. But, no it wouldn't keep me from being a kid. I'm a total kid. :)
...that sounds funny. Like, I'm a LEGIT KID. Noooo waayyyy....!!!
*I wouldn't be in so much denial about the fact that I might have to leave this house that I am sitting in right now that is 99% of all I remember. Or 98% because I can't exactly discern my earliest memories from what was in this house and what was in the house I lived in until I was two years old. ..hmmm... I always forget that I wasn't brought here first after I was born.
*I would be famous, first of all! And that would have its pros and cons, of course.
*I probably wouldn't be hammered too much by the paparazzi like celebrities...but I might still get people to ask for my autograph (if they recognize me LOL)


Okay. I really don't want to graduate from high school without finishing one of my stories. At least ONE!
I have GOT to work on them. At least in the summer. If I decide to write on Jodi...you can check here at this big long link of ten words now.

Anyways...that's all..for this one at least. :)
Now I just want to be done so I can work on Jodi (I can't find Finn. Big. Surprise).
And I have to go eat.
And do my homework.
But oh well..

Day in the life.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11/29/11 • Day 3: what you think your reason for being here is

I think my reason for being here is to live the life I have imagined.

It is to follow my dreams, and not only follow them..but to be a certain "some people":

 Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission.   Kendall, Neil

I am here to spread the Glory of God through my actions, words, and decisions. I am to be a messenger, server, and caregiver in the name of God. And I am. It is how, who, and why I am.

I am here to float my own boat while I still have a boat to float.
I only get to live once, I am scared of dying, I see no way for me to get past that...but I think I live to not be afraid of dying.

I am on Earth because this is where I was placed.
I feel I am here to spread joy and love and FEELINGS. All feeling. All of them.

I am here to spread the news of my Creator, of my life, of my learnings and teachings (from me but mostly other people ^_^), of my dreams, of my passions, of my loves, and of my everythings and everything elses.

I am here for you. I am here for me. I am here for the world.
I am here to leave a mark. At least...leaving a mark is what I hope I'm here for.

Personally, I believe my ultimate reason for being here is because God wants me here. If God didn't want me here, He wouldn't have made me here, He wouldn't have placed me here, and I just wouldn't be here. Simple as that.

I am here to live my own life.

[quote from:     http://quotationsbook.com/quote/11468/      ]

11/28/11 (finished 11/29/11) • Day 2: something that's illegal but you think it should be legal

Ummm... I'm really not sure. They should definitely KEEP marijuana ILLEGAL. Some people will get it no matter what, but if it's illegal, less people can get to it.

Noow...for the question at hand...

I had to research a little ^__^

(   http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060907204018AA9fSUz    )

"Joe K" on answers.yahoo.com answered, "It is illegal to work 'off the clock' (voluntarily or not) if you are an hourly employee even though it might be the ethical thing to do in order to help the company progress forward."

I think that should be legal if it's voluntarily. Plus, what if it's, like, a small business or something? That would be really important! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

11/27/11 • Day 1: hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself

I hope: To stop tearing at my nails and the skin around my nails. To let my nails grow out. That I'll let my friend who won't be with us next year (going to a Carolina I think?) know exactly how much he means to me (THAT'S A LOT [CA.DB. or Sherlock or Holmes?]. To finish one of my stories. To win a prize from all those sweepstakes I enter. To get more money. To at least almost have a boyfriend lol (only a part of me). To meet a huge role model (anyone). To see Landon McIntyre again
...continuing...from tumblr to blogger :)
So all of the above...plus,

I hope: To fix my dermatillomania. That all my friends will know that I really do care about them. To stop feeling so stressed. To waste my time a lot less :))).

I dream: Of having a boyfriend (only a part of me, again ^_^). Of meeting my role models. Of singing in front of large crowds. Of going to Snowmass, Colorado...I miss it soo much....  .  In color. Of meeting and spending a day with the Harry Potter cast. Of wonderful things and places where the only real fear is the adventure out of books that can be beat by the will of the good in around typically 300 pages. Of starring in a movie. Of meeting all my Disney role models...and singing with them...

I plan: To sell something to get money to help my family/to make me happy. To stop the peeling-feeling. To get good grades on my midterms and final exams. To go to Italy and Spain this summer with SeñorB, The Worm, Scarbs, SñradiffB, a couple other teachers...and all those other people. To find a mission trip to go on. To wing it.

You know me. I won't give you my face :) I promise I'm smiling. 


And going to start a 365 day challenge pretty soon, just so I can keep going on here. :) I got a tumblr recently and that's where I've found quite a few challenges. I decided since I really owe a lot more to my blogger account...and because the splurge is really only a trickle nowadays...and there is really nothing exciting, new, or abnormal from what usually happens, that I would get into it here.

Plus, I just figured out (I have this problem FYI...) what my most destructive problem is called! Dermatillomania.

I sense that it's a fairly mild case...but my symptoms fall into 3 or 4 of the different categories I saw on a certain page. And this, this calling what I do symptoms and this giving it a scientific name, is not to lessen the amount of damage it causes or to lessen it's importance, but to prove it as a more substantial and real problem.

You may formerly have seen me write of it as the "peeling-feeling" because, yes, it's shaming and I don't want people to know. It makes me relieved that we are generally good at hiding it because I was kind of wondering if it was only in my head how well I was hiding it or if people really saw.

Yeah, I've tried to stop. No, I'm not trying to hurt myself. Yes, everything I've read thus far fits with me.
It's probably all part of my sensory integration.
It said that doctors don't know much about Dermatillomania because, as we are very good at hiding it, we don't tend to tell people about it. This has inspired me to let my counselor know if this....even as it's on my heels.

Yeah, I peel my skin. Yeah, I want to stop.

YEAH, I'm still the same Kitty, Kelsey, Ana, that you've always known, loved (or hated ^_^), and followed on this blog and others.

Yeah, I just found another title for myself. One under the label, Dermatillomania.

Let's fix this.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What People Can Do Today Never Ceases To Amaze Me

So...first we have the Zombie Boy. Rick from Vancouver ring a bell?? Anyways, this amazes me in a not-so-good-way ... but to each his own I guess?? [But, yes, guys you have to remember REMEMBER that this is a real guy with real dreams and if this is his passion (which it is) he has every right to follow it]::


yeah. they're real tattoos...

And then we have this AMAZINNG GROUP OF PEOPLE [in my book]!!! Who have made a Hogwarts rock song collaboration YO. But the part that amazes me???>

It's on iTunes. Yeayah. For $0.99. NINETY NINE CENTS. 

Run and Tell THAT.

My inner fan-girl just came out.

...Not that she does so well at hiding anyways.... 


That's, like, a half step towards the full step of subscribing to your channels....all I gotta do is look at a couple more and I'm sure...it will soo work out for me. ^_^

(pic from: http://photos.bizarremag.com/images/front_picture_library_UK/dir_25/bizarre_magazine_12978_7.jpg)
(vid from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv&src_vid=6erbmnuI_nc&v=xjUb4Pr2HnY&annotation_id=annotation_656389)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Is It.

Yeah. This is it.
October 24, 2011
Trenz Pruca
4321 First Street
Anytown, State ZIP

Yeah. When you ask me how I feel, no, I don't really feel that good. I feel really bad. I feel really bad about myself. I put myself down a lot. You don't see it at school because ...well I don't know why... But it comes out at home, away from friends. I take it out on my mom, I take it out on my brother, I especially take it out on myself. And then I take it out on dad when he's around. I guess one of my problems is that I imagine and kind of role play what my friends would say to me if they caught me crying...or really sad...or putting myself down. But, see, they never do, and that makes me even worse. It makes me feel worse. It makes me feel worse. I feel awful about myself. I'm angry at myself, and then I forget to do stuff like homework. And then I'm even more angry at myself, and then I take it out on myself more. And I'm so angry at myself. I've always said that I have great self-esteem, but I really don't think I do all the time anymore. I feel like I can't do anything right, or say anything right ...the talking especially with my mom recently. I've always had a great relationship with my mom, but I really don't anymore. I'm really scared of myself. Have you ever had a nightmare that makes you scared of yourself? Well, I've only had this one twice, but it follows me even when I wake up. Because it's right there in my head, it sticks with me until I can find something else to think about. Do you know how hard it is to not focus on something....to concentrate on a bad dream you just had? Or if you just did something wrong too....
And then I get to school and nobody--none of my friends--notices that I feel bad. And that makes me feel like nobody cares. Like none of my friends care. It makes me question...and has made me question for a while....whether my friends are really worth it. Whether my friends really care about me that much. Of course, everyone can't watch out for me all the time, not even my mom can. But I wish someone would. And not be so wrapped up in their own lives. So it makes me question my friends. Whether or not I can really trust people. There's only one friend I've never doubted that I've had (with me at school) for longer than just this year. Well, actually, I've doubted all of you. And theres no use in telling me not to.. It's already too late. But I guess there's hope for the rest of you, although, this isn't exactly about you. It's about me.
I just wish you would see.
I just wish you COULD see without me having to tell you.
And tell me.
I wish you would see. I wish you would tell me.
Kitty, Ana, Kelsey, or whatever else I answer to.

But.... WHY WON'T YOU??!!??!!

Guess I'm just stupid. Guess my head doesn't work right. Looks like I'm book smart...for the most part...but the rest is all just empty. CopiedImage.png

Friday, October 7, 2011

QUote of the dayze

“It is while trying to get everything straight in my head that I get confused.”
― Mary Virginia Micka


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magpie #84. Part 3

Well, because I can.

And there's a sort of a melody.
Spinning and chasing me.
Through the darkness of darkenity.
Beneath the branches,
behind the woods,
and in the middle of them too.

And the melody,
it quickens,
and it gets to be mine enemy.
And it chases,
while I scurry to the depths of darkness past.
But then, alas,
at the very middle of my forest and my past,
I reach a churning, yearning ocean
With no understated motion
Seeing what I have been through
In this past year.
Or two.
Or three.

And so here comes mine melody,
mine enemy,
Still, it is still,
chasing me.

But when it reaches the sudden clearing.
Oh my gosh, why am I just standing?
There upon a rock,
When my legs are planted firm,
And my arms are open wide,
Mine melody loses pride,
And wonders.
What the heck?! and .... Why???

Well, see,
this is mine ocean
Mine water
My own life.
Mine emptiness is
Which is good enough for me. :)

The forest all but surrounds me,
save for the everlasting sky.
So why should I keep running?
When I'm already at life?

You are just mine melody,
So I don't turn around,
I do not care
If you charge me
Into the underground.
Because I can frickin' claw my way
Back frickin' up the stairs.
And if there are not stairs?
I'll make them.
Like you care.

So here I am,
Come take me now,
You just might understand my light.
Light amongst the darkness
Light amongst the fight.
Light amongst the nothing
And Light amongst the night.
Light and night and darkness,
I admit, are used,
quite frequently,
if not too much,
but here I stand,
'head of you now
let my point be proving,
quite a bunch.

There may be a bird beside me
Or a baby one,
in the tree
Their branches reach out towards us,
Mine melody,
and me.
That's we.

I don't know if it's chasing
Or if you are chasing too.
Just know that when I reach my sea,
with this escapement I am through.
This escapade and danger,
And calamity being what it's not.

A ride in the wind
While standing attent-
Is the best place
Ready or not?

I may not be at moot point
You mayn't even care
But here I am
Before you know
I'm shedding other layers

I didn't know
Where it would end
I didn't even care
Just saw the tiny waterfall
That brought in all that air

All that air
And water
And rock
So I could stand up strong

Watch me now
Return to this
I think not.

Magpie #84. Part 2

It rains down on me.
As hard as it can
And amidst the stormy waters and the earth and sky, I'm soaked.
Hair plastered to my forehead,
But, surprisingly, no despair.
Because it's been there, for a while now.

When I come up the stairs, I hear you, my friends, and I can't help but let a smile take over
Because we smil for mils
Just like we accidentally said so.
That time.

But this isn't about you
Or how you make me smil
This is about me
And the rain

And I want my hair plastered to my face
I want it to rain where I can hardly see
I want it to pelt against my whole body
As I stand in my black, flowing dress
And I look to the sky

No contacts in
Give me my vision
Or give me my death
I need to see
without a problem
Or any detriment to my story

I miss my hair
I miss my hair in the rain
I miss my hair in the rain and stuck to my back.
My bare, bare back
But you can't see all of it
Because it's covered.

I don't want to be covered
by a blanket,
by a towel,
by a promise,
by a wish,
by a reason,
or by a meaning.

Just by a black, flowing dress
that I can call mine
without having to say it
And those gloves
And my bare feet.
Bare feet.

I want to grip the rock with my toes
Solidifying the notion that I am not and never going anywhere.
But here
because I don't have to.

Let me spread my arms wide
Face to the sun
But there is no sun,
And that is fine with me.
Just let me spread my arms wide
And lift up
Because I can.
Because I miss it.

I really do kinda miss it.
I miss feeling empty but all right.
I miss being able to let go of everything because nothing really mattered,
just my tears.
I miss not thinking past the next second because I was all holed up in the moment.
I miss finding my PLACE more often because I actually took the time to take the time.

And, oh my gosh, I miss the rain.
So much.
I do not miss the cold.
I miss the rain.
I miss the rain of my tears when they didn't come from being angry.
I miss the rain of my life because I was so sad and, somehow, something that wasn't there just calmed me.
I think it was life.
And I miss it.
I miss my rain.
And when the rain falls, now, I try to catch a glimpse of a dark shadow before the horizon, and it's standing there with her arms open wide and, oh my gosh, that's me.
I want to be out there.
I NEED to be out there.
Just let me breathe.
Just let me stand

Let me get soaked to the rim
and the brim
Let this never, never end.
And please, oh PLEASE, let me rain.

Magpie #84 Part 1

Magpie 84

Knee high socks
And arm length gloves
Are my only protection

Rain down hard
Rain over me
In a glory perfection

I want my wind to be near
Want my hair to be soaked
And the sand to be croaked
With water
So it's mud.

I know it's dark outside
But it may be for the best
Lest, I put my fears to rest
And just cry my freaking eyes out.

I'm still trying to find where I belong in this world
The thoughts, they come from afar.
Where I should leave
Who I should be
In this world

And wishin' you were a better father just ain't gon' help nothing.

But that's not...
this is not...right...

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Friday, September 16, 2011

If if if if if if if if

I swear, if I don't get to go to New York, I am going to cry.

search of the dayze

Google Images:

"the first panda discovered"



quote of the dayze

Most people never get there. They're afraid or unwilling to demand enough of themselves and take the easy road, the path of least resistance. But struggling and suffering, as I now saw it, were the essence of a life worth living. If you're not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you're not constantly demanding more from yourself—expanding and learning as you go—you're choosing a numb existence. You're denying yourself an extraordinary trip.

Dean Karnazes

**This makes me feel bad. ... Makes me think that maybe I should go to the It'sHardInThe Valley Cross Country Meet tomorrow. But then I remember how bad I feel and that I have snot dripping out of my nose and that I had a nosebleed this morning and that it is on my sleeve. And I remember, that sometimes, you also have to just take care of yourself.

I don't want to be sick next week. I have a soccer game in Nashville on Tuesday and I want to be able to bond with my team on the long trip LOL. This is only the second cross country meet, AND I'm getting better. I don't want to ruin that by getting sick AGAIN.

So I'll be okay. I'm going to set out a sort of a schedule for the remaining 20 minutes of Study Hall and study some. Hence, the STUDY HALL. I just have to email Coach now. And I plan on doing that after school. Yes, I DO believe that that is a healthy form of procrastination. It'll just stress me out if I do it right now. And I have no reason to worry. He doesn't bite. he just talks and talks and talks and talks.


Ps. Aren't you all SO PROUD of me??? I actually posted something other than a quote of the dayze yesterday! I'm so excited! I'm back in the Magpieing!! I cannot cannot cannnnnnnot wait till next week. It'll be great. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

quote of the dayze :) english

Running and science draw on similar traits—stamina, ambition, patience, and the ability to overcome limits.

Wolfgang Ketterle, Nobel Laureate and MIT Professor

Magpie #82. It's Been A Looong Time.

**i'll have to add the image later. for now you can open up to the pic here**

Mag 82

"it's been a really long time,"
he says.
"You said you'd come back,"
But I didn't.
"no. you didn't"
"my hands are black and the curtains are burnt."
"and there's a large bruise on my abdomen"
"the fire, and the falling, hit my eyes and made them burn"
"I can't see. And even a kiss won't heal my sorrow"
I can see that there is soot everywhere
and it makes me cough
and makes the phlegm a stuffy, squelchy gray
"I tried to get out and make you hear me"
but I was too far away.
The way you stand before me almost scares me, but I know you, Mr. Rochester.
You are a blind prince on yellow-red horseback.
I see the marks of the pipe you had, smashing against the wall, four times.
or are those marks of your own natural claws to get out.
there is light streaming in the window, Mr. Rochester.
We still have a chance
"A chance?"
A well-deserved, frickin' chance.
A doggone break that we both deserve.
"you wrote a poem about that on your "to belong in this world" blog"
yes, yes I did.
"it fit there very well, did it not."
yes, Mr. Rochester, just for you.
"My hand is so black.
it's okay, Dumbledore.
"What if it kills me?"
it won't
"so he'll have to?"
yes, he will kill you..
but you'll be okay with it.
And in the end, everyone will understand.
"why?! How?!"
I will tell them.
"You promise?"
I promise.
Honour Bright.
"will paul be okay?"
no, no he won't.
"he is intelligent"
he was. but also held back.
but Harry will be okay.
"he will?"
Yes Hester.
"will he now?"
Yes, Dumbledore.
And you'll be okay too.
And people will understand everything.
"is that going to be a good thing?"
"how do you know?"
it was your idea.
and your ideas are most always right.
"what if it's not?"
But It Is Right.


I'm here.
"me too."
always will be
"until the world ends."
we be dancing.
"and laughing"
and crying.
"is it scary."
sooo much.
"does it hurt?"
easier than falling asleep, is what Sirius said.
"you were scared of death."
still am.
but somehow, I had to do this.
"you martyr."
I know, right?
funny how things work out.
"go back, Kelsey"
"I said, go back, Kelsey."
isn't that, "come back, Jack?"
"no. we're not at the titanic."
good. i don't want to be cold.
"you're very warm"
thank you
"i said, go back, Kelsey"
"you're lost in here."
but I miss you, Harry.
I miss you, Dumbledore.
I miss you, Mr. Rochester.
"we'll always be here for you"
even my Prince Charming?
"even me."
With the black hand, and the bruised body, and the broken flight.
With the unseeing eyes, with the sight lost, with the eyeballs shattered, and the scarred face.
And the blinding rays.
"we are within."
"will you be okay?"
it is not a question.
'tis an answer.
i will.
"we will".
you're there.
I want to stay.
But I'm gone.
I'm all gone.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quote of the dayze

The one for 9/11/11 that I never posted::

"We're coming for you, brother. We're coming for you."






Thanks for that moment of silence. :)

Now for today::

Do the work. Do the analysis. But feel your run. Feel your race. Feel the joy that is running.

Kara Goucher

what about the plastic animals?: What is, and is not, in the vending machine

what about the plastic animals?: What is, and is not, in the vending machine

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

yayay! another random music survey! There will be repeats...I don't think I have enough songs LOL

Put ur music on shuffle and write down the song! No cheating (skipping)!

My name should be...
(first answer that I thought was really good: Barco de Papel by Gustavo Galindo)But I started over sooo: This City by Patrick Stump (lol)

I think I am...
Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now) by Portugal. The Man. (yeah, I guess in some ways)

My thoughts are generally about....
Beach by Peter Wolf Crier (yeah, when I'm on tumblr. The beach pix cheer me up)

Others see me as...
Dare You To Move by Switchfoot. (I guess so. Especially those who were in my English class last year. I love you D-Sia!

I dress like...
Double Trouble by Jack and White (yes! I see it! haha!)

My favorite thing to say is...
Young Blood by The Naked and Famous (I LOVE THIS SONG!! I'M SO GLAD I PUT IT ON MY IPAD!! I guess you could translate that to I love to say that we're still young)

My room has...
Here It Goes Again by OkGo (ditto with previous caps LOL. My room is def a here it goes again zone with getting messy. Just when I think I have it under control, just when I think I've got it all, just when I'm on a roll, ....it gets messy lol)

My screen name has to do with...
Everybody's Cried At Once by the Naked Brothers Band (yes! in a way! the single thing...it was post-being a girlfriend. So in a way, yes. I DO love this song.)

I love to...
Imagine by John Lennon. (Oh yesss!!! No other words)

During the summer, I...
Morning Thought by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (I guess so...haha when I get up. Those nice summer morning thoughts)

If I had a duck I would name her...
Make A Move by Icon For Hire (lol or the lead singers name)

Friends and Family
My best friend is...
Slide by the GooGoo Dolls (let me go find a best friend while I try to figure this out..lol...but really, I think it's a good description for any of my friends and my relationships with them)

When hanging out with my friends, we like to...
Headlong Into The Abyss by We Are Augustines. (YeS!!! I need to keep up with them! I forgot about them!! :((( Yes. My friens and I, we like to go headlong into the abyss. don't quite get it? Especially if you know me? Go listen to it. I LOVE these guys)

During Christmas, my family and I are...
Everywhere by Michelle Branch (yep. And the spirit of Christmas is everywhere too. It's awesome)

I think my mom is...
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve. (yeah, I think she's gotten kinnnnda bitter, but she's still sweet as ever. Who wouldn't be bitter after all the things she's been through??)

But she thinks that I think she's...
Invisible by Skylar Grey (yes. she thinks no one listens to her)

My pet's always acting like...
Prayin' For Daylight by the Rascal Flatts. (haha yesss. My dog Hook just wants to be with people and is MISERABLE and YELLS if he isn't...and itsy cries in her kennel. and smudge always talks (both cats))

The one friend I can't stand is...
Bluebird by Christina Perri. (naaahh...I love this song...but I guess, yeah, I don't like flighty friends even though that isn't what this song is about. I love this song. ^_^)

My friends and I usually talk about...
For 12 by Other Lives (I've never really listened to this song...but we do talk about things for our other friends ^_^ so yes?) Maybe I'll come to this later and recheck it and say yes or no on stuff.)

I really think that my grandma has a disease called...
I've Got A Question by the Naked Brothers Band (haha yes. because she gets so confused recently. ^_^ So she asks a lot of questions, including repeated questions)

My crush/boyfriend/girlfriend is...
The Thought Of Losing You by Dredg. (yes. I don't have a crush, but I regret something I did to a friend of mine 2 years ago, and I really have been thinking about it. "After all this pain" I really don't want to lose him! I really want to let you know how sorry I am, and how happy it makes me that we're still friends because I really hurt you. But I still didn't lose you!)

(S)He treats me like...
Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C (idk how I would make the 1st part fit...maybe that we have graduated from multiple stages in our friendship. we have learned over and over that "things will never be the same" "excited" "scared" YES. Also, kind of the friends forever part. however long forever is willing to take us. ^_^)

When we're alone, I want to...
Eventually by the Naked Brothers Band (I guess...I just want to be with him alone eventually and see if our past comes up so I can tell him that I'm so so so sorry. And I know I told him that I would never keep something from him like that with another person, but I just want to let him know that I am sooo sorry that I was such an awful friend. And it's been bugging me for TWO YEARS and I JUST wanted to tell him. Again."And the sun will find us all eventually, eventually.")

We're always talking about...
Maybe by Sick Puppies. (no. but maybe in our heads. Maybe is definitely in my head. But only maybe. Is it in your head too??? "Maybe I'm just out of touch. Maybe I've just had enough. Maybe it's time to change." What do you think?? I think we could. Maybe not as bf/gf necessarily, but as friends. To let each other know how we feel. it's a tiny tiny change. "maybe it's hopeless. maybe i should just give up. WHAT IF I CAN'T TRUST MYSELF? [to not hurt you] WHAT IF I JUST NEED SOME HELP? [that's fine with me] maybe it's time to change.". ... I hope you'll walk with me...)

(S)He looks like a...
Madre Naturaleza by Andrea Echeverri (translation: something like "natural mother" ...hmmm...he's natural. I think ?? but not a mother. maybe protective of some things, but isn't everybody??)

To be honest, I just want to...with him/her -
Holy Holy by Wye Oak (nope. can't make it fit. maybe just get the holy holy truth out?? so "there is no other story".)

And their friends are so...
What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do by Jeff Bridges (I guess...I do think they love him in a way. Plus, I am his friend...sooo...idk. anyhow. nevertheless "it's amazing what a little bit of love can do" especially to make someone feel happy)

But that's okay, cuz I love him/her like ....
Hanging On by Active Child (yeahhh...i'm definitely hanging on to the past)

Our first kiss was/will be like...
ALERT: I NEVER SAID WE WOULD KISS>>> geez! I don't have a crush on him...anyways:
If You Can Make It Through The Rain by the Naked Brothers. (but...yes! "If you can make it through the rain, you can make it through the sun. So hold on. We'll see what happens to me. We'll see what happens to you and me.")

Even though (s)he acts..I still lust after him/her...
The Beat Goes On by Beady Eye
(no. I don't lust after him. But his beat definitely goes on. He's awesome. ^_^)

His/Her pet name would be.....
Black Water Falls by The War On Drugs (okaaaayyyy this is WAYYYY past awkward now. But that is a good nickname for him...maybe? A good song, I think.)

(S)He would call me...
Never Say Never by Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith. (haha he could and it would make sense...I guess. except for the fact that i DID say "never" in all that hurt. But then I said "never" again in the making it right....or the try to "make it right". And dude, I do so much stuff, it's hard to say never. lol. especially when I'm in it.)

And together, we will have a life full of...
Happy Day by Tim Hughes. (just add an 's' to that, and you're good to go. ^_^)

School makes me want to...
Qué Sería by Francisca Valenzuela (direct translate: 'what would'...maybe it means 'what would it be'?? anyhow, that's a yes.)

The only reason I go is to...
Still Got Tonight by Matthew Morrison (yes. that's a good reason. one of the best fitting ones so far.)

My teachers look like...
My Baby's Tellin' Lies by Keb' Mo' (lol I HOPE they're not that miserable!!)

And they act like...
Gold Mine by Breanne Düren (sure...yeah. their classes are gold mines for tests, quizzes, homework, and the overall grade ^_^)

But it doesn't bother me, because I'm going to say...
Stupid Boy by Keith Urban (haha but not at my female teachers. ^_^ I LOVE KEITH URBAN!!!!)

Homework can go suck a...
Go Tell Everybody by The Horrible Crowes (that means you can NOT go tell everybody about you, you homework!! So we won't have homework! lol)

Math makes me want to...
Barco de Papel by Gustavo Galindo (translation: paper boat/ship. yes. jump into a dreamy paper boat. there is always a chance of drowning lol)

For lunch, I eat...
Dance Forever by Allstar Weekend (GREAT SONG!!! yes, I try to eat enough so I'm enough shape/healthy enough to dance 'forever'.)

If the day was any longer, I would...
ÜBerlin by R.E.M. (I really don't know how to make this work)

The bus smells like a...
Breathe In Breathe Out by Mat Kearney (great song first of all>> buuutt...I don't go in a bus. So...on the way to school. Yes I breathe in and breathe out. For my friends. For me. So maybe I won't get stressed because "I fall down sometimes". "Cause there is a light in your eyes, in your eyes". yes. listen to this!! "because everything keeps moving on" and we have to "hold on tight"

And cheerleaders are annoying as...
Red, Red Wine by UB40 (which means they are and are not. I, personally don't think they're annoying as cheerleaders. I don't know any annoying people, really, especially ones that are cheerleaders. and i like this song, it's def not annoying. there's my answer. ^_^)

Guidance counselors are for...
Beneath The Fire by Evaline. (yes they are for when I am underneath the fire)

To sum it up, school is a big, fat....
Blessed Be Your Name by Matt Redman (yes, actually. Blessed Be Your Name, God, for keeping us there, somehow, how you do. And blessed be my school for giving us that discount. For being SO SUPPORTIVE!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

I'm going to marry a...
Representing Memphis by Booker T. Jones ft. Matt Berninger and Sharon Jones. (sure. I could deal with marrying Memphis person. ^_^)

And have a kid. His/Her name will be...
[[toldja. i just started over for all my songs]]
Still Got Tonight by Matthew Morrison. (yeah, hon, you always got tonight. for tonight. for right now. for these "stolen seconds". Just saying, you'll be okay, and my heart goes out to you tonight. "One look in your eyes"

And (s)he will look like my...
My Baby's Tellin' Lies by Ked' Mo' (well, I kinda hope (s)he doesn't always look like a liar...but if you do, hon, that's okay, because I will still love you. And if I don't, show me this. Remind me.)

I'll have a pet...
The Thought Of Losing You by Dredg (the thought of losing a pet for my company is nonexistent lol)

My house will be located at...
Headlong Into The Abyss by We Are Augustines (hey, hon, listen to this too!! LOL right there along with my friends. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^.)

My husband/wife will have...
Imagine by John Lennon (yes. he. will!)

Every holiday we'll travel to...
Eventually by the Naked Brother's Band (even if we don't travel, remember that the sun will find us all eventually.)

Which will look like...
Slide by the GooGoo Dolls. (yes! there will be a slide!)

And have a really nice...
Bluebird by Christina Perri (yes. there will be bluebirds. And robins (now I have nostalgia for my lovely robin. "I'm looking for you")

Before I die, I want to...
Morning Thought by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (yes, have earlier and more Morning Thoughts)

My job will be a....
Make A Move by icon For Hire (I will have to make a move constantly and take risks. yes. I like that idea. even if it starts out "a little insane" lol)

Which will suck, because...
Double Trouble by Jack and White (yes. it could cause double trouble for me. Especially if bruthah is in the same trouble)

On my gravestone, it will say...

My favorite kind of music sounds like...
Never Say Never by Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith. (YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!)

HIM is...
This City [Radio Edit] by Patrick Stump ft. Lupe Fiasco (idk what HIM is...)

All American Rejects remind me of...
Gold Mine by Breanne Düren (yes. they are a gold mine. great music. definitely to me, "opens up the skies and makes me feel alive")

Sean Paul makes me want to...
If You Can Make It Through The Rain by the Naked Brothers Band (don't know who he is. but sure,)

Without music, I would...
Qué Sería by Francisca Venazuela (yeah. What would it be without music?? What would I be?? There'd be that question, that's what I'd do. And there would be nothing else)

My favorite CD is played while I...
Barco de Papel by Gustavo Galindo (yes. it plays while i ride on the paper boat)

I dance like...
Everybody's Cried At least once by NBB (yes)

Music makes me feel...
Dance Forever by Allstar Weekend (YEEESSSSSS!!!!!) (make me alive!)

And makes me think about...
Madre Naturaleza by Andrea Echeverri (sure)

But mostly makes me want to act like a....
Young Blood by the Naked and Famous (yes. Why? Because I AM)

Basically, music is just...
(lol just in time as i'm on 2% left>>) Go Tell Everybody by The Horrible Crowes
(YES!! Go tell everybody about itt!!!)

Quote of the dayze

“At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again.”
― Mary Anne Rodmacher

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quote of the dayze

Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic.

Tim Noakes, author of Lore of Running

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quote of thhe dayze


Lastly, races bring a lot of energy into your focus on running, and are (usually) a good time.

Bill Rogers


Someone Like You by Adele :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quote of the dayze

Whilst in chorale waiting for it to start. :)

Cleaning out my inbox on gmail so i can take it off my iPad and put it back on without not reading something. I need to study for science, too. :)

"Keeping my eye on today is about all I'm capable of. And today, I think I'll go for a run."

John Bingham, "Back to the Future," Runner's World

Monday, September 5, 2011

quote of the dayze

"You won't know peace until you've had suffering." -- Submitted by Answerology member, "Alphaohmega2006"



(another thing I've been ignoring/forgetting about)

Okay, so when was the last time I really told you something on here???

It's my birthday tomorrow....and I've got some things I want to work on:

1) not picking at things so much, because it only hurts the things I pick at :(
2) getting on here more and keeping up with it, but not wasting too much time on here because I promised "Kyle" that I wouldn't.
3) getting ahead on my homework and not staying up late



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Song of the dayze....and yesterdayze...

8/2/11: song of The dayze:

"Hey Jude" by The Beatles

8/2/11: idea of the dayze:

The Beatkes

Today-8/3/11: song of the dayze (mwahaha there's two but here they are IN ORDER):

1. Raise Your Glass (mostly Harry Potter style although the real thing would sneak in every once in a while. ^_^)
2. A song I saw on YouTube that I saw first on tumblr..Grrrrr I don't remember but its just as well i guess. Hmmm....

Hmmm.... Dad hasn't called...I wonder if he's okay.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

quote of the dayze

"Don't try to control the wind. Just position the sails." -- Submitted by Answerology member, "mooneyirani"

i'll get a pic for this tomorrow. Good night moon!

Monday, July 25, 2011

quote of the dayze..once again. from runner's world!

Our sport becomes not just  what we do but an integral symbol—on all levels—of who we are.

Gloria Averbuch, long distance runner


Heeeeyyyyy....!!! Remind me to look up

  • Little Dragon Ritual Union [Peace Frog/emi]
  • Patrick Stump Soul Punk
  • Portugal The Man. In The Mountain In The Cloud

I already looked up teenvogueitgirls.com soo.. cool!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh My Gosh I Love This. Quote of the dayze.

"It's never the end of the world. It's

already tomorrow in Australia."

-- Charles M. Schultz

(as submitted by Answerology Member, Equlalaine.)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Song of the dayze! And of the moment. The disaster of the moment, too.

the song of the day. of the moment. kind of relates to what's down below.

By the way, go to your local Borders please, just for me, and just for the people who work there, and buy something!! They're going out of business. And it's not just "them", it's Borders. No more Borders in a few months. No more no more no more!! *wailllls* Going bankrupt. Already gone bankrupt. I can't seem to wrap my head around it. But "100 Years" by Five For Fighting and "Secrets" by OneRepublic are for Borders, right now, to me, and forever. I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that there will be no more Borders in any state, in any country, in any party or part of the world.

I never knew the lyrics to this, but I've been listening to it since I was a baby. Funny that I would grab the lyrics at this moment in times, thinking about these situations.

I'm 15 for a moment
Caught in between 10 and 20
And I'm just dreaming
Counting the ways to where you are
I'm 22 for a moment
She feels better than ever
And we're on fire
Making our way back from Mars
15 there's still time for you
Time to buy and time to lose
15, there's never a wish better than this
When you only got 100 years to live
I'm 33 for a moment
Still the man, but you see I'm a they
A kid on the way
A family on my mind
I'm 45 for a moment
The sea is high
And I'm heading into a crisis
Chasing the years of my life
15 there's still time for you
Time to buy, Time to lose yourself
Within a morning star
15 I'm all right with you
15, there's never a wish better than this
When you only got 100 years to live
Half time goes by
Suddenly you’re wise
Another blink of an eye
67 is gone
The sun is getting high
We're moving on...
I'm 99 for a moment
Dying for just another moment
And I'm just dreaming
Counting the ways to where you are
15 there's still time for you
22 I feel her too
33 you’re on your way
Every day's a new day...
15 there's still time for you
Time to buy and time to choose
Hey 15, there's never a wish better than this
When you only got 100 years to live

(    http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LupzLLUJP0M/TV1ylUKyeDI/AAAAAAAACGk/ta6OJQiVxes/s1600/Borders_Bookstore_Sign_Logo.jpg   )

(   http://www.savingwithshellie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Borders.jpg    )