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I wish you enough [insert word here].

ps. I started a 365 day challenge (here) forever and a day ago and hopefully one day I'll get back to it because that would be fun and pretty cool :).
update: #3 has never been a problem lol but who knows...maybe one day it will be


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Thursday, February 25, 2010



1. friends (girls and guys!!! and sometimes more the guys!!! :D--everything about ALL of them)

2. my dog

3. my kitties.... XD

4. My writing

5. my family


1.hmmm... the band at my church?

2. (There's like three that I really like but I've only heard maybe one of their songs each...and I can't remember the artist's names) ...hmmm...checking..online...ahhh: CASTING CROWNS


4. VEGGIE TALES!!!! lol....roflmfdo (don't tell me that's wrong...it's right to me...I don't use cuss-y words. I prefer freaky donkeys :D)

5. i think...POINT OF GRACE

lol I guess I just like them all!


1. kitty

2. doggy

3. bunny

tag: for no one in particular
but also for everyone in particular

lol fun! thanks!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


yo soy am here @ like...7: 48!!!! I got her at 7:30!!! (to school not dreamland)

what a miracle.!!

lol  I woke up @ like..5:30 ish maybe a bit earlier.

oh wellz.

it was easier than I thought it'd be.

now I shouldz study SS.


Monday, February 22, 2010


okay....so yeah ... I've been a bad little girl and I haven't gotten on here for maybe 3, 4, or 5 days.

Here are some happenings in meh life over these past few days:::

  • missed cotillion...sorry guys!!
  • track started 2day
  • 8th graders in Washington DC (can't wait till next year!)
  • wasn't late today...to school...but I almost was
  • my hands are like, freezing right now
  • This-Awesome-Band (a friend of mine) is in SWEDEN!!!! ack!!!
  • track ends early this week (only goes 1 hour) cuz the 8th graders are gone (just a guess)
  • it's cooold
  • yesterday was sooo warm and fun!! (otay..it was sorta cool..but it wasn't freezing/like today)
  • went to Oak Ridge Children's Museum International Fair yesterday with Leafcloud
  • sort of "stalked" a friend of mine (captain T--can't think of anything better) who used to go to our school but transferred back to his old school after xmas break
  • supercrazygamegeek just "epic poked" me
  • i made 2 other random blogs--Cows!!! (in honor of mr. L & Jodi Alaska Taylor (a book i was writing with my friends.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


What is your salad dressing of choice? ranch

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Chop House

What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it? CHOCOLATE!!!

What are your pizza toppings of choice? cheese...!!!...I'm a plain kind of girl

What do you like to put on your toast? buttah!


How many televisions are in your house? uhhh...3

What color cell phone do you have? silver & blackish

What does the first text message in your inbox say and who sent it? Idk..idk where my phone is

Who was the last person to call you? idk....either a restricted caller or a friend of mine...i really think a restricted caller...they started calling my bro...and then they stopped. Now they're calling me I guess. But that was a week ago. Idk where my phone is.


Are you right-handed or left-handed? Righty!!!

Have you ever had anything removed from your body? uhh....haircuts??? do those count??? lolz :P

What is the last heavy item you lifted? ...a bucket in Oak Ridge Children's Museum


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? eh...probably not. i'd rather live EACH DAY like it's my last day

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Benevolence...maybe..lol or....uhh...idk Emelie is a kewl name

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? uhh...probably not


How many pairs of flip flops do you own? huh....2 maybe? maybe 3....yeah..probably 3

Last time you had a run-in with the cops? NEVAH!

Last person you talked to in person? huh...my parents

Favorite Month? idk. depends.


Missing someone? ...yes

Mood? tired...mentally more than physically

What are you listening to? nothing....last thing i listened to was Fireflies by Owl City...(unless you count Olympics)

Watching? Olympics

Worrying about? my stupid life (otay..not stupid---) my difficult life. my crazy life. my blegh life. my life.

What’s the last movie you watched? eh.......oooh i know this....uhhh....THE TOOTH FAIRY!! yesh..that would be it..

Do you smile often? oh yeah foo! i've got 2 really awesome friends (sancheeto-dawg & the crzy one in sweden!) who have this theory about my smiling. "Dude! You're always smiling. It's really weird," (this is both of them talking) "And it's not just a little smile! It's this huge smile ... like ear to ear!" and this is where they start cracking up "Is your face stuck like that or something? I mean seriously." "I mean, I guess that's a good way for your face to be stuck." and they make really big cheesy grins LOLZ. I LOVE YOUR CHEESY GRINS FOOZSH!

Do you always answer your phone? yup!!! ...i mean, if I haven't lost it....ppl don't call me a lot though, I can't wait until I find my phone and those RESTRICTED ppl call me again...

It’s four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it? ...uhh....idk...a friend who's on vaca in a different country

If you could change your eye color what would it be? uhhh.. GREEN...!!!! yesh! I mean, how cool would that be to have GREEN eyes and BROWN hair??

What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? uhh.. don't go to Sonic enough to know what you're talking about

Do you own a digital camera? YES!!!  AN AWESOME PINK ONE (it's sooo pink...it looks like candy)

Have you ever had a pet fish? one...got it at a bday party...left the next day to vaca, left it with Granny, she didn't know how to feed it ,...it died. poor thing.

Favorite Christmas song? Angels We Have Heard On High ( i love the glooooria part and I can play it on the piano)

What’s on your wish list for your birthday? ...hmmm....maybe the last season in Avatar: The Last Airbender....vid camera (don't need one, don't give me one)....uhhh....it's too far away..idk...

Can you do push-ups? Yeah!! I wish I could do them better!! I'm working on it. ...but i loooove planks!

Can you do a chin up? uhh...two in a row...that's about it...LOLZ

Do you have any saved texts? ....uhhh yeah....i guess...

Ever been in a car wreck? nope

Do you have an accent? sometimes I have a bit of a country accent

What is the last song to make you cry? Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift (that was this morning)

Plans tonight? ....blog...blog..email...blog...sleep

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? YES!!! LOOK AT THE LAST YEAR OF MY LIFE!! DEF ROCK BOTTOM!!!

You ever been given roses? yup, after tap recitals and a plays that I've done

Current hate right now? my awful evilness to my friend (no names given) I HATE IT!! ...so I'm starting over on Monday.

Met someone who changed your life? All my friends!! Love you all...yes...NO LIE!!

What were you doing 12 AM last night? ...sleeping

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? ...thinking about dream I had

this was from another blog that i found...I'll say what it is when I look back..

Love. Peach. Chick Grease. Rock On Foozsh. 3 Words Girlz. OMG FIRST GIRL!!!

finish the sentence: I want... RESULTS

pigs for breakfast!
  1 (16%)
  0 (0%)
a healthy granola bar
  0 (0%)
world peas
  0 (0%)
10 flat screen tvs in my bedroom
  1 (16%)
potato skins
  0 (0%)
my freedom
  2 (33%)
a pink lamborghini with purple n orange flames
  1 (16%)
i want it.. i, i, i want it.. i want..i, i want..i,i , i want it all
  1 (16%)

Votes so far: 6
Poll closed 

what color bird would you rather have stuffed up your nose? RESULTS

  0 (0%)
  2 (33%)
  0 (0%)
  2 (33%)
  0 (0%)
  2 (33%)

Votes so far: 6
Poll closed 

Friday, February 19, 2010


on top of a 20-story building in a major downpour
  0 (0%)

in a rock-hangover, sharing space with bats
  0 (0%)

in the underground with a bunch of bums
  3 (60%)

in the middle of a circus, while the circus is going on
  2 (40%)

Where would you rather sleep in a 
sleeping bag?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

13 hours LEFT TO VOTE

only 13 hours!!!!!!!!

geez I didn't think about it using the EXACT time that I made the poll...hmmmmm


so yeah, über driving me crazy ppl

but that is how it is...i deal

you deal
we deal

or not...I guess I just deal

L.Peach (I still want a peach).CG.Rock On Foozsh.3WGz.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ONLY ONE day left

ONE DAY LEFT ON ONE OF THE POLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (one of the other polls will end in approximately 2 hours yo)


for all of them...aaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddddddd...........then i shall make a new poll (there are 3 polls different polls on my blog...WARNING: if i evah get bored..I might make more...LOL)

anndd....about 3ish days left on the last one i think

L.Peach[really want a peach].Chick[en] Grease. Rock[star] On Foozsh.3WGz.


yeaaaaah!!!! goo lindsay vonn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! booyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


ROCK ON LINDSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


now .... it is time....yes....listen all....it is time


...ok...yes...to those of you that lost....REALLY GOOD JOB ALL OF YOU!!!!! brilliantness. amazing. keep on rocking. keep on going. DON'T YOU DARE EVER GIVE UP! We win only by trying our hardest and rocking on. so...rock on. And hey, I think every country wins by participating. Win more than that shiny medal (ok..fine...the medals...are awesome!)

"Keep fighting every day."
      --Lindsay Vonn

HOW SAD...i am a sad person

oook...so i thought crazysupergamegeek wasn't back from orlando today...so i was all like, "I miss [supercrazygamegeek!!!]" and then...he suddenly appears in the middle of the day aftah lunch. How Sad. I thought he was still in Orlando...and so I toastly freaked out

"Oh my gosh!!! (yes...u know...I hate writing down that I say OMG and stuff...but I say it without thinking which totally stinks--so yeah, not one of my greatest accomplishments) [supercrazygamegeek]!!!!!!!"

and then I told him...that I was wondering where he was ...and he told me he'd been back all day

I AM A SAD PERSONA. yupperz pupperz thank you very much.

Love. Peach. Chick Grease. Rock On Foozsh. 3 Words Girls.


on Valentine's day, after going to church, my family and I went to Puléo's Grille (haven't been there in FOREVER. I didn't like it when I was little but I do now. Their chicken was way too spicy for meh taste back then...lol). then, we went back to the church so we could get mom's escalade. dad and my bro drove home in that. Or....no...actually just Dad.

Mom, me and my bro went in Dad's BMW. We stopped at the cemetery on the way home to visit one of my best friend's mom's grave :___________(. We hadn't seen the gravestone yet. I had only seen it in a picture. I absolutely love it. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! And the quote on it. Brilliant. Definitely the best thing you guys could have ever put on her headstone.

We saw the pretty roses they put on either side. We stood there for a second...I swear she was laughing at us. Probably cracking jokes up there on her pretty little clouds. :_)
I was the first one to get out of the car...and I was the first one to get back to the car. I miss her...there's no one like her in the world...I mean we all miss her...nobody as much as her family though.
And as for her family:::

Love you guys!!! So much!!! Always here for you!!!! I PROMISE!


...ok...I meant to post this DAY AFTAH VDAY!!!...but...obviously..that no happen...sorry!!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

a poem that reguires strikethrough WHICH I CAN ONLY GET WITH A POST NOT COMMENTS

This is the story of a girl
Who crossed out each sentence
And was always looking for more
This is the story of a boy
Who didn't know what to do
And all he knew was he'd give anything
To see that girl smile
This is the story of a girl
Who always tried again
And each time, she fell back down
This is the story of a boy
Who cried to see her fall
And he always reached out his hand
To her, although she never saw it
This is the story of a girl
Whose eyes were clouded with fears of rejection
And she never saw that he would say yes
This is the story of a boy
Who was practical enough to try other girls
And although they were all very sweet
To none of them, he felt the love he felt for her
This is the story of a girl
Who fell so far one day, she was forced to look away
And instead of all things bad, she saw him
This is the story of a boy
Who thought he had finally found true love
And he was so immersed in moving on, he forgot about her
To which, he promised he'd never do
This is a story of a girl
Who cried when she saw what she had been missing
And she couldn't move one, there wasn't anything to move
This is the story of a boy
Who was completely oblivious to the pain he was causing
And if he had known, it would have destroyed him
This is the story of a girl
Who gave up
And now, her sight wasn't obscured by the bad
To her, everything was dark and dismal
This is the story of a boy
Whose heart was shredded into a million pieces by the girl he thought had fixed everything
And when he couldn't find the girl he had loved before, he became frightened
This is the story of a girl
Who lost her self
And she couldn't hear anything, she was deaf to her own tears
To this day, she would still be lost if it wasn't for him
This is the story of a boy
Who realized that she was the only one for him
And she wasn't here anymore
This is the story of a girl
Who saw him lift the knife in front of everybody
And heard him scream to the world that he was done
To which, she had ever thought he'd do
This is the story of a boy
Who was so angry that he had let her down
That he lifted up his own sentence, and it almost killed him
This is the story of a girl
Who yelled, "Stop!" when she was mute
And she raced out to where he was when she was paralyzed
To save her love, because no one else could
This is the story of a boy
Who saw her running towards him
And immediately dropped the knife, because her dark veil had faded
To hold her in his arms, because she was, once again, a light
This is the story of a girl
Who, as she ran, felt the color come back in her life
And as she ran, he asked, "Why?"
This is the story of a boy
Who had been slowly fading just like her
And he had not known it until that moment
This is the story of a girl
Who stopped when he asked, "Why?"
And replied where the world could hear her--even though,
To hear her say this, all these people could make her life miserable
This is the story of a boy
Who saw that girl stop
And was frightened that she wouldn't know and that she'd leave
This is the story of a girl
Who had to yell so that he'd hear her, from so far away
And for once she didn't mind
To find that voice, and to this day, she's not sure how she did it
This is the story of a boy
Who couldn't move for lack of air
And felt like these few seconds were years that he stood
To wait for her to say, what he'd always wanted to hear
To wait for her to break the spell, for he'd repeat it too

This is the story of a girl
Who stopped crossing each sentence out
When she yelled to the world
With her arms held up high
And all opened up wide
She yelled to the sky
Her ace held a smile, as it hadn't in months
And answering that boy's question was all she needed to stay alive
And she ran, and she ran,
And yelled,


***maybe not the best work I've ever done, sort of scrambled and confuzzling maybe? in places?
Here's your lovey-dovey vday poem
but valentine's day is done! it's over!
until next time...

That is all.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

must...write SOMETHING


*wondering if my friends think I'm obsessed with this now...*
*wondering if that's really a bad thing...*


I guess...you seem obsessed with most new and shiny things. But this blog is probably going to become a big part of me. Yeah, sure, I don't expect our wonderful online technology and services to get me famous or whatever. That only happens with...a few people. Like Justin Bieber for example (1. did I even spell his name right? 2. did I just make that up?...only time will tell...time and the internet). For some reason, my mind is believing that he was found on YouTube. Seriously, I think you should take the time to listen to one of his songs FOR A GOOD LAUGH.(a good-natured laugh...this is not to make fun of him in a mean way, let me tell you now) ... I think.. Yeah, the one called "Baby". Cuz you've got Bieber's un-matured voice hitting those high notes and such (good for you Justin wherever you are!) and then... BOOM! here comes Usher...rapping...in his SUPER LOOOW VOICE FOO...I loove that part. But not because it's my fave song (IT'S NOT) or that he's my very fave singer (HE'S NOT), but because, of the major differences in their voices, and because of...how funny it sounds.

Now, don't take me wrong I'm not one of those OMG-I'M-IN-LOVE-WITH-JUSTIN-BIEBER-WILL-YOU-GO-OUT-WITH-ME girls. nuh-uh. no wayz. no chance, hotel (sorry justin lol), but I'm not one of those I-HATE-JUSTIN-BIEBER'S-GUTS-AND-I-WANT-TO-SET-RABID-BUNNEHS-ON-HIM-GO-DIE-IN-A-HOLE girls/people either. You! People...don't think that I am, because I AM NOT. I like his songs. ... yes .. I really do. Dude, don't look at me like that. He's got talent, potential, he's a lucky guy. He is a good singer. You may say what you want but don't expect me to care. Ok, no, you can't say what you want, I mean, you can, but don't put bad words in it either. I will not allow it. Yes, call me a stinkin' goody-two-shoes but I am not putting blocked out bad words on here either. Say what you want, I will see it, and I will not care, but I may not show it to the world. Thank you.

So yeah...how did I get on this subject???
oh yes..the very unlikely fact of me being found online; the fact that I don't expect this to be my path to fame and fortune--AT ALL; the fact that I didn't MAKE this to be the path to fame and fortune; the fact that I'm not LOOKING for fame and fortune...ok maybe a little fortune, but who isn't? lol. (aren't you proud of me, Ms. L?? I .... I think I used the semicolons correctly. ;D

Look, the people in Haiti need fortune more than anyone else right now. I know...we have plenty of homeless/sick/dying people in our own countries...but...Haiti, is ONE COUNTRY. And we have helped so many OTHER COUNTRIES. Why stop now?
TO AMERICA(directly) AND OTHER PLACES(indirectly, because I don't know exactly what is going on everywhere in all parts of the world):

the whole country of Haiti is in despair
The US...is, for the most part, filled with people with jobs and houses and homes and food and water and a place to sleep. HAITI ISN'T!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!! The whole darn country is rubble.

But isn't it kind of sad how we have to have a huge destruction like this that maims all these people and makes all these refugees ...for us to really open our eyes and see how much we can help other people???

how sad.
But let's get over THAT...and look and see what we can do now that we have opened our eyes.
Now that we have opened our eyes to the world and those in need.
It's not just Haiti, folks, the whole world needs are help. And we need the whole world's help.

...and now I climb down from my soapbox...just to let some one else climb on.

(there are three vocab words in those last couple paragraphs....see if you can find them...ppl who know what I'm talking about LOL..)

L<3ve. Peach. Chick Grease. Rock On Foozsh! 3 Words Girls.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


heyo pplz...

My [twin] bro and I are at my granny's house. She lives about 15 minutes or so away from my house.
My parents are going to this concert thing for Valentine's Day. Then they're going out to eat. We're going to spend the night tonight here. I loooove it when we do. We don't get to come over here very much...

But [apparently for Vday] she gave us each these HUGE GODIVA CHOCOLATE BARS!!! yum!

it's about 7.5 inches long and 3 inches wide

biiiig chocolate.

I can tell from here that you are sooo drooling/foaming at the mouth (whichever one you prefer lol)

I am also doing my ALEKS yyaaayyy....idk how many hours i have left..hmm let's see...3hrs and 23 mins left...whew. At least I have until Wednesday, right?

Idk...someone tell me!! that...i know...

oh well.

and for those of you who KNOW what I'm talking about when I said "ALEKS" and I don't know you, Kudos to you.
and for those of you who HAVE AN ACCOUNT on ALEKS...and I don't know you...woah, that. is. awesome. extra Karma for yoo.
xtra sancheezit-dawg points...or whatever he called his Karma thing...

for now, we will just call them sancheezit-dawg points/karma

so yeah...from chocolate..to math.
this is DEFINITELY abnormality..

Love. Peach. Chick Grease. Rock On Foozsh. 3 Words Girls.




...i sooo want this song...WE ARE THE WORLD

YOU SHOULD GET IT TOO!!! it is amazing... wow


my doggy (Hook) just slobbered all over my dad's leg. hahaha

that's really funny...

I fed him the burnt crust off a piece of pizza that I had for lunch (yum!)
I usually like the crust...but this was burnt. Oh well..

We're watching CMT right now. I really love this channel. I have one song by Keith Urban on my iTunes (I think the song playing right now is by him). The one I have is something like: "You'll Remember Me".

Oh, this is really funny. Google Search: Hillbilly Bone by [I forgot] feat. Trace Atkins. It was a free music video one day and I watched the whole thing on YouTube, then I downloaded it.
I told my bro that day (that I got it and told him about it), and then I started singing the chorus to him. He ... looked at me like I was crazy. .. well, I am, but still. Sad to say, he did not get the music video.



Friday, February 12, 2010

YAAAAY Computers Being Smart Again

Ok...so now no one knows what the heck I was talking about before with the whole "These computers are stupid 'cause they don't know what time it is" thing. But that's ok. It's normal now. Geez, Knox needs it's own labeled time zone!

...or maybe not...that could get a bit confuzzling.

Love. Peach. Chick Grease. 3 Words Girls. Rock On Foozsh.

Sorry Cupid!!

Wow. Who else didn't notice the fact that I put a timer for when I go back to school, but not for VALENTINE'S DAY???

ok..geez...nobody. Because NOBODY is here. But that's the easy part: getting people on here. The hard part is going to be writing on here every day. Good luck with that.

Love. Peach. Chick Grease. Rock On Foozsh. 3 Words Girls.

website OF THE DAY!


I don't know why we don't already know about this...it's a sad but true fact of life that I have never heard of this website before.

But you know what? I really think you should check it out...

Love. Peach. Chick Grease. Rock On Foozsh. 3 Words Girls.

proclamation OF THE DAY

Lexbri and Bisael

1. Ok so...Lexbri (code name for one of my friends--mwahahaha) is coming home from Australia!!!!
Today!!! ..or at least I think it's today...

2. And...Bisael (another toastly awesomeish--but not as toastly awesomish as a certain person i know--code name for one of my friends) IS GETTING CONTACTS TODAY!!!!!
She would be so glad to know that I've put this up here
LOL she told EVERYBODY over the past 2 weeks or so that she was getting contacts today. ..

That's all folks.
Thank you for listening to the proclamation of the day.

If you would like more press...

1--for more options 

...and then it goes from there.

Love. Peach. Chick Grease. Rock On Foozsh. 3 Words Girls.

And I Thought Computers Were Supposed To Be Smart...So Much For That...

ok...so obviously, this stupid thing still thinks it's Thursday, February 11, 2010. And it thinks I posted that first comment at 9:40 PM. I wouldn't lie to you!! ...Even though there's nobody here...But I still wouldn't lie!

I sort of need to change that...lolz

Love. Peach. Chick Grease. Rock On Foozsh. 3 Words Girls.

Why Am I Up?

Heyo! Wazzup? The ceiling! Oh yeah. It is 12:33 AM...I just realized that it is no longer Thursday, February 11, 2010. How sad. So...why am I still up? Sadly, because I was working on this toastly awesomeish blog!!! I should go to sleep soon. Like, now, soon.

Love. Peach. Chick Grease. 3 Words Girls. Rock On Foozsh.